Crazy Squares characters in and around a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Crave Those Crazy Squares

Sweet on the outside, crazy on the inside

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paper boats of cinnamon gorp snack mix on a wooden serving platter
Cinnamon Gorp Snack Mix

A twist on traditional gorp snack mix made delicious with Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal.

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a bowl of glazed cinnamon and popcorn mix being separated into individual portioned plastic bags
Glazed Cinnamon and Popcorn Snack Mix

Lightly glazed popcorn, almonds and Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal will be a hit with the whole family.

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cups of snack mix
Fruit and Cinnamon Snack Mix

Mix together Cinnamon Toast Crunch with your favorite dried fruit and pretzels for the ultimate travel snack!

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cinnamon toast crunch in a bowl

Happy snack o' clock 🕓✨

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leftover cereal milk being poured into a cup of coffee

Putting the leftover Cinnamilk in your coffee is like introducing your 2 bffs & watching them get along even better than you could have hoped 🥛💛☕️

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two Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal crazy squares on a road trip

Just two Crazy Squares on a road trip.

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